Depending on your location, the application chooses theappropriate calculation method, Fiqhi school and Athan. Salatuk est votre compagnon de prières! Road Conditions currently covers the United StatesofAmerica. TrafficSpotter provides a driving conditions forecastbased on weatherthat may be occurring within the next three hoursin yourarea. Une version lite de l’application SalaatFirst, elle a toute les fonctionnalités de l’application complètesauf la base de données des Ahadiths, le support de grandes écransHD, et 4 « adhan » au lieu des 7 de la version complète. Adhan Alarm and Qibla 1. Enjoy several other features of this bestprayer time app developed by the world’s largest online platformfor Muslims – IslamicFinder.

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Kuwait PrayerTimes is the first app that brings you the prayer times in Kuwait. The ads in thisapplication are independent from those of the First ApplicationSalaat. Adan Morocco is an application especially designed toindicate prayer times for most Moroccan cities. Salaat Firstcalculates local prayer times accurately fist multipleconventions. WeatherStation allows you to get the current temperature,visibility, windspeeds, and more for the location you are viewing.

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Traffic Spotter isa communitydriven resource. Traffic Spotter salaat the premier resource for providinginteractive,real-time traffic flow and incidents combined withweatherinformation for travelers across the world.

salaat first lite

Maroc Salat Athan est firstt solution simple et fiable pour suivreles horaires des prières au Maroc, elle ne se base PAS sur desalgorithmes de calculs, les horaires proposés sont basés sur labase de données du Ministère Maroccain des Habous pour unemeilleure précision. WeatherStation allows you to get the current temperature,visibility, windspeeds, and more for the location you are viewing.


Salaat First pour Android – Télécharger

Salaat Firstcalculates local salaar times accurately using multipleconventions. This app provides hours of Muslim prayers and the direction of theQibla from anywhere in the world.

salaat first lite

This app calculates Muslims prayer times using the phone’s location latitude and longitude based on different conventions. If you spot an event such as an accident orheavytraffic, you can report salat for other travelers to see. SDI App explique les principes de base de l’islam et facilité à effectuer les prières obligatoires.

Weather Stationis always on the lookout for active weather alertsas well. If anyalerts are issued, you will be able to get adetailed descriptionabout the alerts and their fidst area. Know if severe weather will impactyourtravel.

Salaat First Lite 2. Important Litw revenue of ads is used in charity. Téléchargement mp3Quran sur votre téléphone pour les écouter sans connexion Internet. Adan Morocco is an application especially designed toindicate fist times for aslaat Moroccan cities. Features of the First Salaat: L’application vousoffre les fonctionnalités: Maroc Salat Athan 2.

salaat first lite

A lite implementation ofthe First Salaat version, it has all the functionality of theentire application except the database ahaadeeth, support large HDscreens, and 4 « adhan » instead of 7 full version. Ifyouencounter an event that has already been spotted, or hasexpired,you can confirm or dismiss that event.

Chanting program thatautomatically remind you adhkaar God by showing a small windowabove the other programs. Traffic Spotter provides a RoadConditionsfeature, which allows you to find which roads are likelyto be icy,foggy, snowy, windy, or ponding approximately within thenext threehours.


Driving is notonlyabout beating the traffic – beating firs weather is justasimportant. Take great professional photos at high resolution and quality. Al-Moazin prayer times application, is a must have companion forall Muslims.

For anyquestions, suggestions or bug report: Arabic, English Calculation Methods: Avoid heavytrafficcongestion by knowing where the slowest parts of your routeare. Download and recommend this program to your friends andfamily. Accurate Muslim prayer times, Qibla, Quran with transl.

Al-Moazin Lite Prayer Times 3.

Salaat First Lite Version History

Ministère des Habous et des Affaires islamiques, Maroc Munich, Allemagne Ministère des affaires religieuses et des Wakfs, Algérie Birmingham Mosquée centrale Département des affaires islamiques et activités fist bienfaisance, Dubaï Autorité générale de l’enquête égyptienne Autorité générale des salat islamiques et fonds de dotation, U.

Paid version only Multiple set ofnotifications related to Prayer times to plan whatever actions youneed related to Prayer times before or after.

Application is equippedwith a Hijri Calendar to be able to display and check dates inHijri or convert Hijri to Gregorian firrst and vise versa. The characteristics of the program:

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